Safety & Privacy Information

Your Safety

You can rest assured that you are safe when you receive care in our dental office. All instruments used on patients are either disposable or sterlized under steam and pressure. Furthermore, staff members receive regular training in sterilization and disinfection methods.
Other safety measures you may want to consider include:

-Daily disinfection of water lines

-Dental amalgam is retrieved from our suction so as to not contaminate our environment

-Digital x-rays reduce radiation exposure by 90% and require no chemicals for processing

-An onsite defribulator is available


Your Privacy

Your dental records are kept strictly confidential. We release information only with your permission.



COVID Changes

We would like to update you on our response to the COVID-19 virus. We are constantly monitoring CDC guidelines as the pandemic evolves in order to provide the best care to our patients in the safest possible environment. Consequently, we have taken many additional precautions beyond our already high cleanliness standards. To provide peace of mind, we have outlined many of our new safety measures below:


Staff Requirements

1. Daily temperature measurements prior to entering our clinic

2. Administrative team wears face coverings

3. Administrative team sanitizes all doors, chairs, counters, and pens throughout the day

4. Clinical staff wear a face covering, N95 mask, and facial shield for protection

5. Clinical staff must change gowns after each patient treatment is completed

6. Clinical staff must fog treatment areas with all natural antiviral mist after each patient

7. We continue our sterilization process of all equipment and gowns after each use


Patient Requirements

1. Face covering is required

2. Eye wear is required

3. Require all to sanitize hands when entering the clinic

4. Must fill out COVID-19 consent form for contact tracing

5. Wait outside if lobby is at capacity


In addition to the actions taken above, we have also installed new air filtration systems that utilize HEPA filters for all four offices. Due to our continued efforts to create a safe and comforting environment for our patients and staff, we are proud to announce that we have had zero cases of COVID-19 within the four Mosaic Dental offices. In order to maintain this success, we will continue to strive for improvements. The level of confidence in our safety procedures encourages even the most cautious patients to put their dental health over their uncertainty as we wait for a vaccine. We are open to your suggestions and we are open to modifying our procedures to your individual needs. To this end, we would encourage you to address comments and questions to our doctors and dental team. Thank you for your continuing trust and we wish you good health.